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" In today's corporate and small business landscape, sustainability and meaningful connections are essential. At LEAD360, we are dedicated to fostering both. We extend a warm invitation to your organization to become part of our thriving community of excellence."

- Dr. EW Walton

Chief Executive Officer,


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The Cohort 


We are excited to extend an invitation for your corporation to bring a cohort of leaders to our upcoming WYN Academy Hybrid Experience, MASTERING AI LEADERSHIP. For your cohort, the experience includes onboarding onto our platform beginning August 6, 2024, to engage with pertinent information, cases and interaction that leads up to the LIVE event in Atlanta, GA, September 13-14, 2024.


The upcoming conference will delve into the pivotal distinction between understanding artificial intelligence (AI) and leveraging its practical applications. While knowledge of AI principles is foundational, the true power of AI emerges when it is effectively implemented. Across industries, AI drives automation, enhances decision-making through predictive analytics, and revolutionizes customer experiences. 


Join us as we explore how applying AI transforms businesses, enhances operational efficiencies, and creates profound societal impact.

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This year, our LEAD360 Executive Cohort will be a hybrid experience. Phase 1 will take place on the platform, offering a dynamic online learning environment. Phase 2 will be a live conference held in Atlanta, GA. Atlanta, a hub for Black business leaders, provides the perfect setting to elevate our skill sets, perceptions, and connections.


WYN Academy is designed for managers to senior-level leaders. Typically, those leaders hold the title of manager and above. 


These leaders are intentional in their quest to create a greater organizational impact by engaging in a rigorous educational experience.



This "Hackathon" approach brings leaders together in a collaborative environment where several teams compete to create solutions for the most significant issues that derail upward mobility and success among Black leaders. This intense problem-solving environment will facilitate the creation of realistic and innovative ideas and concepts to advance Black leadership. In addition, participants have an exciting opportunity to work and learn from individuals from various fields with multiple interests and skills, all collaborating to solve the same problem.


At the end of the hackathon, participants will share strategies related to building an executive mindset, developing the next generation of leaders, forming sustainable teams, and advancing to the next level in their careers.



Through the sessions on "Marketing Strategy and AI," leaders will gain a comprehensive understanding of how artificial intelligence revolutionizes traditional marketing practices. They will learn how AI-driven analytics can efficiently process vast amounts of consumer data to uncover valuable insights, enabling businesses to tailor marketing strategies with unprecedented precision. Moreover, students will grasp the importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements to remain competitive in the the ever-evolving landscape of marketing.


In the session titled "Organizational Development and AI," executives will acquire invaluable insights into how artificial intelligence can drive transformative changes within businesses. Through case studies and interactive discussions, they will explore how AI technologies can streamline organizational processes, enhance productivity, and foster innovation. By understanding the integration of AI into organizational development, students will be better equipped to navigate the future of work and lead effective change management initiatives in diverse corporate environments.


In the session titled "Executive Branding and AI," senior leaders will gain actionable insights into leveraging artificial intelligence alongside contemporary career enhancement platforms and tools to amplify their personal brand. Through interactive workshops and case studies, they'll learn how AI-powered analytics can refine their branding strategies, optimize content creation, and target their audience with precision. By harnessing the synergy between executive branding and AI technologies, senior leaders can enhance their online presence, expand their influence, and unlock new opportunities for professional growth and advancement.


In the session titled "Health Equity and AI," senior leaders will gain invaluable insights into how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing healthcare practices, particularly in the realm of pharmaceuticals. They'll explore how pharmaceutical companies are leveraging AI to enhance research and development processes, expedite drug discovery, and improve patient outcomes. By understanding the intersection of health equity and AI, senior leaders can effectively strategize on deploying these technologies to address healthcare disparities, ensure equitable access to treatments, and drive innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. 


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