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Our touchpoints include the LEAD360 Summit, the Thought Leader Think Tank, LEAD360 Magazine, executive mentoring, and a host of customized programming. In addition, we add value to corporations through continuously cultivating a leadership bench that fuels a pipeline of senior leaders across industries. This bench can be called upon—and relied upon—to advise an organization’s executives and business leaders. We encourage and invite corporations to partner with us and enroll their leaders as members of LEAD360.

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We offer a year-round cache of engagements (LEAD360 CONNECTIONS) that provide customized and actionable business strategies. Further, we provide peer mentors and coaches to help developing leaders walk through the many difficult, sometimes obscure, pathways of career advancement. This holistic process offers our leaders fresh perspective, increased confidence, and greater strides. Consequently, these leaders strengthen their organizations’ greatest resource: its people.

Marcus Johnson

Photo: Marcus Johnson speaking with attendees at LEAD360 Summit.


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