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Executive Leadership Program



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WYN™ Academy is a series of virtual and hybrid executive education platforms specifically designed for Black and Brown senior executives.


There has been much written about leadership agility in recent business magazines and journals. In fact, organizations such as Korn Ferry dedicate entire programs to this subject. Here, we take time to assess the individual leader's agility. We then discuss cases where a firm grasp on (LA) provides an advantage.

Why We Exist

The leading fortune 500 companies have a small pipeline of Black CEO candidates

Opportunities are growing in Tech fields, yet Black leaders are not selected or developed at the pace of others


Middle managers and new senior leaders felt less aware of opportunities to develop through executive education



There are only four Black CEOs in the fortune 500 – all-male

Less than 10% of all P&L positions are held by Black leaders

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Most senior leaders believe that they have mastered business foundations through experience or education. However, 93% of SLs we interviewed expressed regrets in not solidifying their hard skill foundations before stepping into P/L roles.


with the addition of Black Leaders in its core thinking


of Black Executives making significant contributions to major corporations at all levels


collectively, to drive bold new interventions that will change the current trajectory

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ELP At-A-Glance

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ELP Program

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LEAD360 Experience

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