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Executive Leadership Program



Welcome to the WYN Academy: Executive Leadership Program. Here, you will view program overview, and start your modules.

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There has been much written about leadership agility in recent business magazines and journals. In fact, organizations such as Korn Ferry dedicate entire programs to this subject. Here, we take time to assess the individual leader's agility. When then discuss cases where a firm grasp on (LA) provides an advantage.

Key Competencies

Most senior leaders believe that they have mastered business foundations through experience or education. However, 93% of SLs we interviewed expressed regrets in not solidifying their hard skill foundations before stepping into P/L roles.


Here, the team will take a deep dive into the impact on generational diversity about executive decision-making, team development, communication styles and leadership agility.



Module I: Foundations of General Management

Mastering middle management requires agility in leadership, finance, and data analysis. Through case studies, peer-learning and strategic connections with proven industry leaders, this segment will ensure that you attain proficiency in the areas required for general management.

Module II: General Manager Strategy

Departmental leadership involves a steep learning curve in executive influence, financial mastery and the ability to develop leaders. This module focuses on both building and communicating business rationale for resource acquisition.

Module III: C-Suite Presentation

Senior leadership requires exceptional communication, collaboration,

and presentation skills. This module focuses on preparing and delivering a presentation that demonstrates your agility, strategy and results.

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WYNAcademy: Executive Leadership Program

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