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Procter & Gamble Cohort
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"We have a concept that we are trying to operate like start-ups essentially playing a GM role. I was able to apply directly those conversations I’ve had in my group…manufacturing and strategy choices into the business. It was directly relevant to the work we were doing.

Braxton Washington
Global Director, Digital and IT - Beauty New Ventures​
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ELP Alumni




Welcome to the ELP 

Congratulations on your nomination to the Executive Leadership Program (ELP). Procter & Gamble's investment in your career acceleration is a clear indicator that you are a valued senior leader! We have designed this program to engage competencies that are critical for enterprise leaders to excel. Accordingly, our program delves into perspectives of executive leadership, tenants of enterprise leaders, and how corporations create winning strategies. 


The program is fast-paced and at times intense. However, we have designed the program so that you will be able to get the most out of the program while leading your current leadership responsibilities. To aid in this aspect we have employed the following three major learning modalities:

WYN Academy On-Demand ( 

At you will have the opportunity to complete the content portions within our on-demand learning environment ( at your own pace. Here you will engage videos of some of the most dynamic senior leaders, listen to culturally appropriate cases studies, and provide insights from your subjective experiences as a commercial leader. Your cohort will then bring those stories and challenges to the live classroom environment. 


Executive Roundtables -  WHOVA Classroom

At specific times during the month, the entire cohort will get tother for 2-3 hours to address case competitions, experience executive encounters with C-Suite leaders, conduct executive simulations, and formulate solutions to the current subject matter. These roundtables are historically high-spirited and provide real-time value to your personal brand and impact on your team's performance. 



The Capstone – Executive Simulation 

Perhaps the most exciting part of this learning journey is the capstone. Here we put your team in the role of the General Manager. You will have all the tools and information that allows you to drive your team to commercial dominance over your competition. The winning team will get to replay their strategic approach among a group of P&G executives and special guests.  This exposure is simply invaluable. 


The next section will provide a more granular overview of the program. In preparation for the program, you will need to sign up for two platforms that will give you access to the on-demand platform and the virtual classroom. You will be able to find this information within the onboarding tab. 

Module Expectations


Your experience begins with:

  • Gaining access to the learning platform,

  • Accessing pre-work, on-demand lessons, and roundtables.



Upon completion, learners will:

  • Understand and describe how “executive perspective,” “power and influence,” and “executive agility” are defined for visionary leaders 

  • Develop strategies to effectively communicate with cultural competence throughout the organization (peers, subordinates, and corporate decision-makers)

  • Articulate one’s ability to problem-solve and synthesize solutions with sensitivity to culture and diversity of perspective

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Upon completion, learners will:

  • Read, interpret, and use corporate accounting and financial statements (including balance sheet, P&L, and cash flow)

  • Make informed, high-level budget recommendations that are aligned with company goals

  • Apply strategies to identify, assess and solve problems with accountable decision-making

  • Communicate decisions effectively and professionally demonstrating awareness of and benefit to the enterprise

Market Analysis


Upon completion, learners will:

  • Understand and operate a key business of a company and General Manager 

  • Develop and execute commercial strategies in the face of intense competition

  • Work with a team of peer senior leaders to achieve a common goal

  • Apply executive financial acuity 

  • Master the board level presentation

Analyzing Graphs

The WYN Academy at Georgetown University Experience 

As a LEAD360 Fellow, you will have the ability to learn, leverage, and connect with the Georgetown Business School faculty as well as industry thought leaders, and a tight-knight group of similarly positioned Black corporate leaders. 

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